Surfing Barrigona beach

Barrigona beach is a “secret” beach located not too far from Samara beach, is not so secret beach since all the local know that that is where the famous actor Mel Gibson has some property down there, usually there is no very good surf in this beach and the waves are very  powerful however once in a blue blue moon, there is amazing surf in this beach which is a handful of days each year, yet a few locals and tourist venture out to this secluded and hard to get to beach in order to get away from it all, here are a few pictures from Barrigona beach also known as Mel’s beach.


Crossing a stream to get to barrigona beach

Barrigona Beach

Running to the surf break at Barrigona beach


Somebody build a shack in Barrigona beach, waves were nice I can’t believe only one guy was in the water.


At the beach shack about to go surfing in barrigona.


Someone brought their dog to the beach.

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