Nosara Surfboard Repair

Nosara is a very nice beach for surfing, and there are plenty of options available for renting a board, my friend mike broke his board fin who knows how, but I guess he didn’t’ knew it was broken for a while while he was out in the water.


This is mike surfboard with the broken fin, luckily for him this type of fin is very easy to replace so we headed down to visit the 2 main surf shops in town and see where we could get his board fixed, all we needed was a new fin.


Mike Doyle showing off his broken fin, I told him he was probably going too fast on the wave and the fin was not able to hold his speed.


On our way to the surf shops we saw a sing for Nosara Tico Surf School, but we didn’t see much merchandise, so we decided to pass and head directly to the bigger place called Nosara Surf Shop and see what kind of deal we could get.


We set the board down at the Nosara Surf shop, get the broken fin out and try to find a new fin that would be the same fit for the board.


Inside the Nosara Surf shop I was surprise to see this surf guide book by Jonathan Yonkers Chavarria from Tamarindo Costa Rica.



We talking with the guys at the Nosara Surf Shop


We found some fins but decided to check out the other surf shop and see what kind of price we could get for a new fin set.


The other big surf shop in town is Coconut Harry’s Surf Shop, they have a lot of board rentals, surf lesson and gear as wellIMG_1690

The surf shop has a nice dog pet called Jake, he is a friendly surf ambassador of the area, but I’ve never seem him surf, he mostly hangs around the surf shop and my guess is the surf shop owner’s best friend.


We found the find we were looking for and fixed Mike’s board, now we are set and ready for more of Nosara’s tasty (and apparently fin crushing) waves.

On a side note, both surf shops will also fix surfboard ding with fiber glass if you need to. I know because they have fixed my board in the past.

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