Very Nice Collection of Costa Rica Photos in HDR

While cruising around the inter webs for HDR tutorials and HDR photos of Costa Rica I ran into a pretty cool flickr collection from a german guy called Manuel (mofmann is his flickr user name).

This guys had some sweet HDR photos around Samara, a small little village right on the beach of the pacific northwest of Costa Rica, which happen to be a place that my family visited very often when I was grown up back in the day.

According to his Flickr profile he’s been living in the little town of samara for a while now with his wife and baby, and takes photos just for fun for what I can see.

Here are some of his amazing HDR photos:


Sunset at Carrillo Beach.


Store in the town of Liberia


Inside the old church of Nicoya Costa Rica.


View of Samara/Carrillo beach Guanacate.


Another view of Samara Beach.


Small Island in Samara Beach, Costa Rica.


A waterfall in Costa Rica.

If you want to see even more beautiful HDR photos of Costa Rica don’t forget to drop by Manuel’s Flickr album of Costa Rica.

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