Northern Costa Rica on transworld article

I was reading an article in transworld about the northern area of Costa Rica known as Guanacaste, in the word and photos of photographer Ryan Miller that talks about how friendly is this area for surfers of any kind.

While most of the article is true I am afraid this will bring more and more surfers crowding the surf beaches and “secret” waves all around Costa Rica.

More surfers means more tourist and in the eyes of many Ticos (costa ricans) that is good, but for people who surf the costa breaks all the time this just means that the surf breaks will get more and more popular and more people will show up to the “secret” spot until we realize that perhaps is not so secret anymore, either way there are waves for every body and remember to learn the pura vida life style while surfing with the locals.


4x4 Transportation will come pretty hand anytime of the year in Costa Rica, because you will need ground clearance and 4 tire traction.

 Costa Rica Secret beach

Very heavy wave almost impossible to escape the closeout at a “secret” spot.

Photo credits: photographer Ryan Miller.

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