Marketing beers using surfing

I’ve seen many beer commercials, the closest to surfing in a beer commercial is the corona commercial that show the flat (no waves) tropical beach, but looks like I’ve started to see a pattern lately where surfing is use to market a beer, somewhat cool but I don’t usually drink too much beer before surfing :)


This is the typical beer of Costa Rica (Imperial) I don’t think drinking many of these will make you a better surfer.


Surfing in Alaska? I’ve seen people surf in Alaska (Endless summer II) but Alaska is not popular for surfing, maybe this IPA is not doing so good in Alaska.


Another Ale marketed with surfing, at least the graphic is a little bit more appealing, but why is the guy green?


LongBoard beer? and why does it have to be a lager? it should be a summer beer.


Wipe out I.P.A: Yep keep drinking this things and you’ll definitely wipe out when you go surfing.

Your usual corona commercial by the beach, this time a surfboard is in the picture.


Looks like even pro surfer Kelly Slater has a beer named after himself.


This is not marketing the beer but the bottle opener which is in a shape of a surfboard


No wonder German beers are so popular and famous, they got the marketing right :)

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