Salsa Lizano Near in Seattle

We hanging out in Pike’s place market in Seattle, we came across this little store called  el Mercado Latino, with lots of cool stuff from many countries in Latin America in including Costa Rica


Pretty cool little store with lots of colorful decoration, I am not sure if that kind of decoration is for sale, very likely it is


lots of color in this little store


Here is the salsa lizano all the way from Costa Rica to Seattle washington, right next to the yerba mate

 Salsa Lizano in Seattle


Tom Marcucci said...

Do you remember what the price for it was? We love it and usually buy online but would love to help out a local store if the price isn't prohibitive.


Jay_North said...

Tom - where is it cheapest online? expensive at amazon!

jimmy jimmereeno said...

$13.75 for 700ml size.
They also have a larger size, but I didn't check price.

Irfan Ali said...

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