Somewhere in paradise

There is always something new I discover everyday, this particular day my brothers and I went to this semi remote beach which I've heard of a few times but because of how far and somewhat tricky access to the beach I've never been there, however this time we decided to check it out and bring our surfboards hopping we can get a few waves, and we wore in for a big surprise. The beach access was OK we had to "park" the car because the road ended at the mouth of a small river that goes into the beach, then we walked across the river and into the beach, the sand was awesome, white and very fine, and the beach looked like a normal beach, there was nobody there and the place was so beautiful once we got in the water and pass the braking of the waves it was heaven: the water was crystal clear, super warm and the waves wore a little glassy, and the untouched beauty of the surroundings felt so natural that this beach is now my favorite beach probably because of the 100% natural beauty, simple a place I would describe as paradise.

Costa Rica Surfing Paradise 1

My brother was enjoying this beautiful day, you can see how clear the water gets that you can see some of his white shorts, and to the left some of the rain that the wind makes when the waves are about to close.

Costa Rica Surfing Paradise 2

This picture gives you an idea of why this place feels like paradise, it looks untouched by humans, no houses, only natural tropical dry forest, and the blue color of the water goes pretty good with the green of the trees. I like this particular picture because you can clearly see the water that the wind splashes back to us that it sometimes it feels like rain and makes some rainbows for a few seconds.

Costa Rica Surfing Paradise 3

Looks like this wave was not big enough for him.

Costa Rica Surfing Paradise 4

How cool is this, no houses, hotels or people!!

Costa Rica Surfing Paradise 5

One thing this picture is missing is people .. NOT !!!

Costa Rica Surfing Paradise 6

Small wave but fun anyway.

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