Sanyo Xacti Digital camera not so waterproof

Yes I was so exited when I got this thing because I really wanted to take pictures of my brothers surfing (they think they can surf), but soon enough that this little toy is just a toy to take to the pool and nothing else, because it didn’t pass the Costa Rica test, basically it starts with the humidity, it gets so humid in the tropics that the glass before the LCD screen would get very foggy and so I had to put it in the sun to let it evaporate, but more important the little camera didn’t do very well when the waves crash into it, even if the camera was in my pocket, it happened a few times a big wave will come crashing and then the camera would stop working, I had to let it sit in the sun for a full day to get all the humidity out and pray that it would work the next day. Finally it happened the salt water got to the camera and now the shutter buttons wore not working, basically that’s when I realize this piece of #$%@ was not for the ocean. I had to crack it open which included breaking some seals to scratch the rust from the button contacts and it got it working, however the camera is not (cough) "waterproof" any more. so if you are thinking about this kind of setup for the ocean, I would say forget it and go with this kind of setup which I am planning to try out soon.

Costa Rica waterproof camera

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