The right place with the wrong car

On our way back from the beach where we saw the turtle we had to cross one of the many river we usually cross to get to places that are less traveled by people. Since some of this rivers don't have bridges my brothers and I consider this rivers as natural strainer for people (tourists and locals) who perhaps don't have the right vehicle to get to this places. Fortunately we have a few 4x4 cars that can travel these roads, but sometimes, specially during holidays you can find people who are not used to this kind of things and they would go to this kind of places with the wrong car and they get stuck in the natural strainer.

 Costa Rica Stuck Car

This car got really stuck in this river we try to push it but unfortunately the clutch was spinning.

 Costa Rica Stuck Car 2

My brother drove to the other side of the river to try and help pull the car out of the river

 Costa Rica Stuck Car 3

Good luck trying to get this car out of this river

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