More of my favorite beach

A few more pictures of my new favorite beach. In case you are wondering why I am wearing a long sleeve rash guard its because of the convenience of not having to re-apply sunscreen in my arms, not to mention it saves me time of having to get out of the water to put sunscreen in my arms. Its definitely more practical that way I just put my rash guard on and not worry a applying sunscreen on my arms, shoulders, chest, belly, back, etc... you get the picture.

The only thing I do is apply plenty of sunscreen on my face, and legs, and use plenty of chap stick and I am ready to go.

 Costa Rica Surfing Paradise 7

Don't forget to put plenty of wax on the board otherwise it will be impossible to get a good grip on the wet fiberglass surface

 Costa Rica Surfing Paradise 8

Chilling and waiting for more waves

 Costa Rica Surfing paradise 9

The camera lens got a few drops of water but for some reason I like this picture, perhaps its because of the beautiful colors?

 Costa Rica Surfing Paradise 10

Where did everybody go?

 Costa Rica Surfing Paradise 11

Not much shade around here, luckily there was plenty of waves to keep me busy.

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