Mel Gibson's backyard

It's been a while since last time I wrote something, and I really want to keep my blog with fresh content. You might or might not know that the famous actor and movie director Mel Gibson bough some property in Costa Rica right on the beach, and I think that is a very good decision that he made because when he is in Costa Rica his life style would be more relax, by design, and I mean Nature design, just like nature intended, he bough a place that has unique access to this secluded and awesome beach and he and his guests get there using Mel's House backyard. The property is quite big and the area is big too. In this picture you can only see his backyard access to the beach.

 Mel Gibson Backyard 1

This the backyard entrance from the beach ... VERY NICE.. I LIKE.

 Mel Gibson Backyard 2

As you walk toward the beach you can see the vegetation is completely virgin never modified by humans.

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