Driving in Costa Rica: Part 2

So my brother took the car and he decided to go see the "arrivada" which is a Spanish term used in Costa Rica to describe when hundreds of turtles come from the ocean to lay their eggs at the beach, the only problem is that it only happens in the span of  1 or 2 weeks, and it usually you can see the most turtles within 4 or 5 days of those 2 weeks, and usually its right at the end of rainy season, which in Costa Rica when it rains it pours and there are places where the roads are not accessible for months, due to rivers and flooding. He was set to go the beach however he couldn't make it, the rivers wore too high and flooding was bad, he almost got stuck but luckily there was a friendly Range Rover that pull him him of where he was stuck.

This brings me to a good point if you are set to buy a 4x4 car and your are indeed going to use 4x4 not because you can, but because you have to, a good thing to remember is to buy the 4x4 car that has the highest ground clearance, which will be helpful when driving on really bad roads with HUMONGOUS put holes, rocks and there are rivers to cross.

Costa Rica Driving River Crossing

Costa Rica Driving River Crossing 2

Costa Rica Driving River Crossing 3

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