Driving In Costa Rica: Part 1

I've been meaning to write and put some pictures up about some of the roads here in Costa Rica, more specifically in Guanacaste which is a rural area here in Costa Rica. Costa Rica have lots of paved roads, some of this "roads" are paved and therefore anyone with any car can travel to where these roads go, however there are many places that had never had been paved and are usually somewhat maintained yearly,  most of this unpaved roads lead to really cool places less traveled by people because only 4x4 vehicles can travel there, this is mainly because a car with enough ground clearance is needed to drive huge pot holes that are usually found on these roads, and more important because sometimes there are no bridges on the road and the car needs to cross these rivers, which usually are OK for a 4x4, however during the winter months, this places are unreachable because the rivers grow really high even for a 4x4, that makes lots of places only accessible during the summer months when the water level in the rivers is low.

 Costa Rica Jeep beach

We drove to the end of this particular beach which was only accessible because we drove right on the sand at low tide.

Sometime you can see pot holes filled with water, which I am not sure where it came from, since its supposed to be summer, probably from minor summer rains, in this picture we got lucky and it was easy to drive around the water. Sometimes the water dries up a bit and the only thing left a huge mud stir that would probably trap a car that does not have four wheel drive.

As week kept driving, the pot holes filled with water became bigger and bigger.

 Costa Rica Roads 2

Sometimes you can't escape driving the car right into a big puddle of mud. Most of the time is best to slow down and see what is the best approach to take: right, left, middle, both, none? however sometimes there is no where to go but straight into the unknown dirty water in the middle of what we believe is the road. Hopefully there are no big rocks or log sticking up hiding in the water !! 

Hope the car does not get too dirty . Is it time to call triple A towing service yet?

Costa Rica Red Jeep

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