Witch's Rock Not only for surfing


Witch's Rock is a famous "surfing" destination in Costa Rica, but apparently since its not easily accessible specially during the winter months where it rains so much you practically need an amphibious vehicle to cross the rivers that are sometimes part of the road to Naranjo Beach where Witch's Rock is located.

It turns out that it's very safe to assume Witch's rock usually will be deserted and will make a very good candidate for emergency airplane landings, but again when something fails and you are in the middle of the air trying to find the best place to land is not always an option. luckily the two folks on board the plane survive the emergency landing. Hopefully they had they had surfboards onboard the airplane  so they can surf the the day way and kill sometime while the "rescue" team spend 4 hours trying to get to the place.

Source: Al Dia

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