Wild life of Costa Rica

Costa Rica features greater biodiversity than Europe or North America!

Wild life of Costa Rica

In the picture a typical butterfly found all over the country, this particular was taken near the Arenal Volcano National Park

This is due to a number of factors, among them:

  • The country's location between North and South America, enabling plants and animals from both continents and the Antilles (Caribbean islands) to establish themselves there.
  • Costa Rica's tropical climate and geographical position make this country an ecological sanctuary that includes a range of habitats, from lowland rainforest to cloud forests, to tropical lakes and rivers.
  • The nation's ecological policy, which has protected a significant percentage of its natural territory.

This country has more than 200 species of mammals, around 850 species of birds, almost 200 types of amphibians and 220 species of reptiles inhabit the lands of Costa Rica.

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