Why Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a nation that has set aside a large percentage of the country (25% estimate.) as protected areas.


(The picture above is from Camaronal Beach)

Over the last twenty years more and more citizens have realized both the ecological and economic benefits of reserving their country as a kind of natural museum of tropical environments. 

Thanks to the conscious effort of the ticos (Costa Ricans) to preserve the country’s natural treasures, this country has become a major international vacation and adventure-travel destination

In this tropical country you will find many tropical beaches whose warmth is exceeded only by the friendly people who live here, wonderful birds and flowers whose intense colors rival those of an erupting volcano. With plenty of activities ranging from white water rafting, surfing, golfing and hiking the spectacular rain forest and so much more, there is guarantee to be something to suit everyone’s taste.

For years, this tropical paradise has been a well-kept secret of a few biologists, backpackers, and beachcombers, but now this natural marvel is accessible to anyone who wants to indulge in this tropical paradise.  Despite the increase in the number of people who visit Costa Rica each year, it remains a place rich in natural wonders and biodiversity.

Anyone and everyone feels at home here. Costa Rica is one of the oldest democracies in the American continent, and the oldest in all of Latin America; this country has many years of tradition.

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