Very cool video of Alligator in Costa Rica

This is a pretty big alligator in Costa Rica, we got a little too close for comfort, but it was very impressive to see an animal this big and wild, guess the alligator was a little shy probably because is not used to seeing humans around. Enjoy this awesome video of this big crocodile, is not everyday you see a wild one, we wore probably the only humans this Croc have seen in a while:

Yes, I had the opportunity to see a wild crocodile in their natural and wild habitat, it was very impressive, I have seen wild crocodile in the their wild environment before but from far away, the crocs that I have seen have have so little contact with humans that they are scare of them and so they shy away and quickly jump in the water and hide an they are usually not very big in size. This one in particular was pretty big and shy but we caught him laying out of the water and we got pretty close to take a nice shot with the camera, unfortunately this one too was pretty shy and quickly went into the water. These days you can only see crocodiles at the zoo or when you actually see one in the "wild" they are so used to interactive with humans that they are not shy to stick around and while there are people present.

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