Turtles of Costa Rica

When you come to Costa Rica, you have a year round-opportunity to admire the beautiful turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. Every year on the Atlantic and Pacific Coast, one can observe the arrival of the turtles to lay their eggs in the soft sand of the beaches.


(The picture above was taken at Camaronal beach in Costa Rica)

Costa Rica is the home of six of the eight world-wide turtle species in existence.

Caribbean Coast

Green and Hawksbill Turtles: these species can be seen in Tortuguero from July to October.

Leatherbacks: can be found north of Limon at Barra de Matina from February to July.

Loggerheads: are found along different areas of the Caribbean Coast.

Pacific Coast

Leatherbacks: can be seen in Playa Grande, Nancite and Playa Naranjo from October to March.

Olive Ridleys: come ashore at Playa Grande, Ostional Wildlife Refuge, Nancite and

Playa Naranjo, most of the year, but peak nesting is from July to December.

Pacific greens: found at Nancite and Playa Naranjo, most of the year

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