Travel Tips


  • Don’t leave luggage or other items visible in your car
  • Be aware of “friendly” strangers
  • Keep an eye on your luggage at bus stops, airports and hotel lobbies
  • Don’t leave items on the beach unattended
  • Take taxis at night in San Jose
  • Don’t flaunt jewelry or expensive items
  • Use licensed, reputable tour guides or adventure tour operators
  • Be ware of flash floods in mountain rivers during the rainy season
  • Swimming and drinking are dangerous mix
  • Drive slowly and defensively
  • If you rent a car, be sure to park it in a lot with a security guard.
    If driving across country, be cautious on the mountain roads; the roads are spotted with little shrines in memory of those who weren't.

When you first arrive in Costa Rica and before you start your travel adventures is a good idea to stop by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT), where you can obtain maps, brochures and literature related to touristy activities and services that will make your stay more pleasant.

As you travel around Costa Rica you must remember that the climate can change drastically depending of time of day and location. In the early morning you might find frost high in the mountains and during midday might be really hot and humid in the lowlands. Nights can be chilly and the is recommended to you bring light clothes that can be layered.

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