Swimming in Costa Rica

Many of the beaches of Costa Rica offer tranquil waves perfect for swimming, along with many rivers streams and lakes, and of course the numerous pools facilities in the country.

Costa Rica

Swimming tips

  • Always swim with a buddy - never alone.

  • Know your swimming limits and stay within them. Don't try to keep up with a stronger swimmer and keep an eye on weaker swimmers around you.

  • Alcohol and swimming don't mix. Alcohol impairs your judgment, balance and coordination. It affects your swimming and diving skills.

  • Do not chew gum or eat while swimming. You could easily choke.

  • Do not swim if you don’t feel well.

  • Never go too far into the sea, even if you are a good swimmer.

  • Leave the water when storm is coming.

  • Use common sense, avoid rocks, boats, and deep areas and make yourself visible to other people.

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