Snorkeling in Costa Rica

Snorkeling is a cheap and fun activity that is suited for everyone, it provides an easy and exciting way to view underwater marine life and explore the surrounding marine formations. 

Snorkeling in Costa Rica

This alternative method of enjoying unusual plants and animals is as comfortable as a warm bath and as effortless as floating.

If that sounds good, consider taking advantage of the warm-water snorkeling opportunities that Costa Rica can offer you. 

The abundant ecosystems provide a habitat for many species of fish, shark, Manta ray, and the cute Clown Shrimp. These create wonderful diving and snorkeling spots.

Snorkeling Tips   (put this in a different page with link)

  • Do not touch the animals because that can disturb them.
  • Do not touch the coral reef becase the tiny marine life on them is fragile.
  • Wear a liberal coating of waterproof sunscreen on your back and the backs of your legs.
  • Keep an eye out for stinging organisms like jellyfish and fire coral.
  • Do not reach into holes or crevices in the reef.
  • Take off your jewelry since some fish seem to be attracted to shiny objects.
  • Shark spottings are rare on the shallow reefs that snorkelers frequent, but if you see a shark, do not panic. Most reef sharks are passive types, not man eaters, and they usually ignore swimmers. If one acts aggressively or pays undue attention to you, calmly and slowly leave the water.
  • Do not walk in shallow water near the reef; sea urchin spines can cause nasty puncture wounds to the bottom of your feet.

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