Rafting in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers some of the world's finest whitewater rafting and kayaking rivers you could ever find. These rivers are filled with spectacularly beautiful, largely unexplored tropical wilderness.

The Rivers of Costa Rica have something for everyone, if you are an expert or beginner, nature lover or thrill seeker, rafting enthusiast or active kayaker, there is an unforgettable experience awaiting you.

The Reventazón River (class III) is suitable for beginners, while more experienced rafters can tackle the Pacuare (class IV) and the Pascua (class V) rivers. The best times to go are from May to November.
In the beautiful rivers, visitors can slide through their serpentine currents with professional equipment and guides in each raft and enjoy the great adventure that white water rafting offers.

International River Rating System and Suggested Skill Requirements
River Grade Description Skill Suggested
I Passages clear except for minor obstructions. Small, regular rapids. Easily navigated passages. Knows the basic strikes and can competently handle the boat in smooth water. (Beginner to Novice)
II Most passages clear, though may be narrow. Fairly frequent rapids. Regular, medium-sized waves, low ledges, sweepers and logjams may be present. Requires competent maneuvering. Can effectively use all the basic strokes, ferry and eddy in smooth flowing water. Knows the basics of reading water. Developing rescue skills. (Novice to Intermediate)
III Rapids numerous. Waves high, powerful, irregular, exposed rocks and strong eddies. Prior inspection may be required. Can negotiate fast, turbulent waters which require complex sequences of maneuvers. Can give assistance to swamped boats. (Intermediate to Advanced)
IV Long stretches of difficult rapids. Waves high, powerful and irregular; dangerous exposed rocks, boiling eddies; ledges, passages difficult to scout. Powerful and precise maneuvering required. Preferably run with a previously experienced leader.
V Very difficult. Considerable risk. (Experts only)
VI Extraordinarily difficult. Portage mandatory. (Teams of experts only)

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