Islands of Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s main land has something for everyone, but the adventure does not end there, this country also posses some beautiful islands that are very worth the visit.


The picture above was taking just north of Coco beach in the pacific.

Tortuga Island

This wonderful island is located near the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, and is one of the most popular and visited island in the country. You can take a one-day tour from the capital city or from several resorts along the Central Pacific to this beautiful island.

Make sure you take your time and walk around the beautiful white sand beach of the island that makes unique blends of colors along with the turquoise water and the colorful tropical dry forest.

Caño Island

This island is located near Drake bay on the on the southern Osa Peninsula.  During the pre-columbian period the habitants of the area considered this island a sacred place where they buried their chiefs along with other artifacts.  The crystalline water that wash against cliffs and beaches of this gorgeous island, along with the marine life that exists around the area makes popular place for SCUBA divers.

Catalina Island

This Island is located near the northwest region of Costa Rica by the area of Flamingo beach and is a popular dive spot.

Murcielago Island

This Island lies off the northwest coast and be easily visited from resorts in the Gulf of Papagayo region, is place is also a popular dive spot.

Coco’s Island

This island provides some of the greatest dive spots in the country; it is located about 330 miles southwest of Costa Rica. In this legendary island, it is said that Robert Louis set his novel Treasure Island.

This secluded place is covered with an evergreen dense jungle and its surrounding waters hold and unbelievable variety of marine life such as white tipped sharks, hammerheads, yellow fin tuna, parrot fish and horse mackerel among others.

Most of the island is protected within a national park, and is regularly visited by commercial yachts offering scuba diving excursions. There are several hiking trails along the rugged terrain of the island, which is frequently cloudy and showered by heavy rains.

Islands in the Nicoya Gulf

Inside the Nicoya gulf there are also an array of many islands where you will find a tropical forest with many beautiful birds and plenty of Iguanas to see. These not so crowded islands are perfect for the adventurous  people who want to explore and get to know the secluded places of Costa Rica

Some of these islands are:

  •             Chira Island
  •             Bejuco Island
  •             Venado Island
  •             Caballo Island
  •             San Lucas Island
  •             Cedros Island
  •             Negritos Island
  •             Alcatraz Island

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