Happy Independence Day Costa Rica


On September 15th, Costa Rica celebrates Independence Day. Marching bands on the streets, flags, and lots of Blue, Red and White; but when did Costa Rica really became independent? The independence of Costa Rica was not really a one day action, but it was more like a process. On September 15th Guatemala, following the actions of Chiapas, declares itself independent from Spain. Guatemala then decides to communicate the news to the rest of the Provinces that today form Central America. The news along with a copy of the act of independence arrives on September 27th to the Province of Leon (Province to which the territory of Costa Rica and Nicaragua belong at the time). In Leon, it was decided to wait until October 11th, date in which the province formed by Costa Rica and Nicaragua declares itself independent from Spain, but dependent from the Iturbide Empire (in Mexico). However, it was not until October 29th, when Costa Rica actually supported the declaration of independence from Spain by signing the act of independence. The first Constitution of Costa Rica comes later that same year of 1821 on December 1st. Costa Rica continued to be united to Nicaragua and dependent from the Iturbide Empire until 1823, when after the fist civil war, Costa Rica declares itself a totally independent state. Costa Rica formed part of the Central American Federal Republic, which in 1824 decided to declare September 15th as the official Independence Day. This is how today Independence Day in Costa Rica is celebrated September 15ht. Beyond a particular date, it is most important to remember the real meaning of independence and how it affected us as a Country and as an individual. Happy Independence Day!

Picture Source: Santo Tomas

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