Facts And Numbers of Costa Rica

 Beach in Costa Rica

Area: 51,100 square kilometers (19,729 square miles)

Capital: San Jose (more than 1 million people in this metropolitan area)

Location:  To the north of the country you will find Nicaragua, to the southeast there is Panama, on the East you will find the Caribbean Sea and on the West is the Pacific Ocean.

Official Language: Spanish, English is also widely spoken in tourist areas.

Official Religion: Catholic (with freedom of expression of other beliefs)

Population: 4,016,173 (July 2005 estimate)

National Flower: Purple Guaria Orchid (Cattleya skinneri)

National Tree: Guanacaste (Enterolobium ciclocarpum)
Nacional Bird: Yiguirro (Turdus grayi)

Coastline: 1,290 km (801 miles)

Climate: tropical and subtropical, with 2 distinct seasons:

  • dry season extending from December to April
  • rainy season covering May to November 

Elevation extremes:

  • highest point: Cerro Chirripo 3,810 m 
  • lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 m

Life expectancy: total population: 76.84 years 

Literacy Rate: 97%

Government type: Democratic

Independence: 15 September 1821 (from Spain)

Currency: The official currency is the Costa Rican colon, but U.S. dollars are widely accepted.

Currency code: CRC   

Time: Central Standard Time, 6 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. Daylight Saving Time is not observed.

Electricity: 110V, 60 Hz

Weights & measures: Metric

Phone Country Code:  506

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