Do you know how to Signal "3" with your hand? Think again

I found this picture online and the funny thing is that is is very true, I personally never been to Germany but I have met plenty of people from Germany when I was back in college, and also plenty of people from Europe for that matter, and I am not sure why most of them do the number 3 with their finger like that but the "German way of signaling 3" reminds me of someone who is drunk? don't you think so? perhaps is because there is plenty of beer, wine and vodka to go around in Europe? The U.S. way of signaling 3 is definitely not a shocker, that's how most people around USA and other countries do it. An interesting thing with the Costa Rican way is that way perhaps because all the Costa Ricans "Ticos" also use that same gesture but with the hand facing the other way to signal that something is very good, so perhaps they do it so often that it works both ways !!

 Costa Rica Number 3

Source: velocitypress

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