Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

When thinking about climate, dry season (late-December to mid-April) is the most pleasant time to visit Costa Rica.

trip 019

(The picture above was taking from the airplane while overlooking the Santa Rosa National park)

As you could expect, this is the time of the year when everyone else goes to Costa Rica, so prices are up and hotels are full. If you are considering traveling around those dates make sure you plan and schedule ahead. Even if you think you won’t need to schedule in advance, you could be surprise about the number of people who visit this tropical paradise.  April-June has also very nice weather and it is not too hot in most areas.

The Wet or Green Season is from July to October. However, November can still be wet in some areas on the Atlantic coast. During the wet season, some roads are impassable if you don’t have an appropriate 4x4 vehicle; however it’s still worthwhile to visit this beautiful country any time of the year. The months of April, May and mid-October to mid-December should give you the best of both worlds.

Remember that Christmas and Easter are extremely busy times when travel reservations are required far in advance.

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