Beaches of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country which Mother Nature abundantly blessed, and the number and beauty of the beaches are no exception. A lot of the beaches are part of the national park system which adds a new ingredient to their attractiveness. In some of the coasts of Costa Rica the rain forest runs directly from the higher mountains into the beautiful and exuberant tropical beaches.

Costa Rican Beach 

(The beach in the picture is Coyote beach in the northwest area of the country)

Beaches are probably the one place that everyone visits. And this is no surprise. There are 1290 kilometers (800 miles) of coastline. There are rocky and stony beaches, sandy beaches with white, gray, bluish black, tan, and pink colored sand. In these beaches you can surf, swim, snorkel, SCUBA dive, or just relax in the warm, tropical sun.

Each beach in Costa Rica is different in its own and unique style, from sheltered coves where the white sand separates the verdure of the rain forest from the aquamarine ocean water, to long beaches washed by perfect surf and lined with tall coconut trees.

Remember to bring a high factor sun block lotion such as SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 up to 50 when you spend time on the beautiful beaches along Costa Rica.

The SPF factor depends on how long you plan to stay out in the sun and sea, if you just want to get a nice tan and maybe 1 or 2 hours of sun the SPF 15 would be a good starting point, but if you plan to stay in the sea all day long surfing or fishing SPF 50 is a good idea, remember that not all skins are alike you might need a higher or lower SPF and re-apply more often than other people.

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