Are health costs being threatened in Costa Rica?

With the beginning of the School year, I have had a hard time keeping the Blog updated, but I found this well written article from the UPSIDE DOWN WORLD. I believe this article is worth reading since it present some key points that at least I have not had the change to think about in the last few weeks with all the massive information that I have been hearing about the "TLC".



For example, it is discussed here how Intellectual Property Rights provisions will make it harder for generic drugs to be produced and marketed in Costa Rica.   [1] Currently in the US there is a significant number of generic drugs being imported in the country legally under the FDA approval (through government health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid) resulting in consumer savings up to $10 billion a year. However, this number is much larger if the illegal imports of generic drugs is taken into account. The reality is that a lot of brand medications are too expensive and sometimes even unaffordable for many US Citizens. I can't imagine what would happen to the cost of medications in Costa Rica (which is currently relatively cheap and affordable for most Ticos) if the country is forced to stop producing and selling generic drugs. If several US Citizens can not afford them my guess is that most of the population in Costa Rica would not be able to afford them either. Like I said, this article presents many interesting points although, most of them require further personal analysis.



[1] USPharmacist

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