Costa Rica for the holidays

So much has happened since I last posted here that I would have to write about 30 or 40 blog post just to fill you guys in, I might or might not do that but I can give you a few details. Back in December I quit my job and now I am taking a long break to allow me to do some visa paperwork to start a new job. I'll be putting some updates here but in the mean time I'll let you guys see some of the places I have visited while here in Costa Rica.

 Costa Rica Beaches 1

We drove to this beach and I took this picture because right in front of this deserted beach I found a house, yes a nice house with a huge nice yard and palm trees with full view and access to this nearly deserted beach, it's nearly deserted because we wore the only ones hanging around there after driving the car through some reef at low tide right at the end of the beach.

Costa Rica Beaches 2

This is a closer look at the awesome house, I am not exactly sure if the house has road access from the back, but it definitely has road access right from the beach, this is totally one of the most beautiful places to have a house.

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