Surfing Nosara Crew at it again

The Surfing Nosara crew is at it again scoring some not so bad waves at a very secret location in Costa Rica, check out the cool edit by James.

Nice work James, hope you take some rad video of me next time I am down there surfing.

This spot is only secret to most tourists, however locals know this place very well, however as you can see the waves are a bit different hand heavier than Nosara, however when the swell is right you will see amazing tubes at this place almost like Indonesia style tubes.

Fishing in the river on Costa Rica

We headed up the the Tempisque river in Costa Rica, for some awesome fishing and an overall really nice day on out fishing, can’t wait to go there again, if you are curious there are several tourist “tours” available, but if you want a more authentic experience send me a message at costaricastyle {at}

Link to the video source:

If you ever have the chance, we highly recommend to go to the Tempisque river.

Kite Boarding is getting pretty popular at Bahia Salinas, Costa Rica

I need to get myself a kiteboard and head down to warm water Costa Rica to try this awesome sport

Sustainable community in the Costa Rica Rain forest

Very nice documentary about how companies in Costa Rica in this case “Rios tropicales” is helping the community of el tigre to be self sustain and develop conservation awareness. More companies around the world should invest most in their communities, and the world will be a better place to live.


Playa Garza beach, Costa Rica

Playa Garza beach is really close to Playa Guiones also known as Nosara. Playa Garza is a little fishing community which if you are coming from Nicoya you would dive by on your way over to Nosara Surf Central.

Playa garza is a nice little bay which is not very seldom to find good surf, but you can get fishing boats and tours from there.


Best Car for Winter Driving in Costa Rica

Well usually winter time in Costa Rica means lots of river crossing if possible, and therefore lots of roads get closed during the heavy rains of the winter months, but if you really want to make to the secret I highly recommend this SUV.

Welcome To Maui, Epic surf session at JAWS - Red Bull

Pretty insane waves and pretty insane surfers too to take on this insane waves, pretty crazy in Maui.